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FoodLand operates around 70 locations across the Eastern United States.

Positions: Cashier, Stock Clerk, Department Associate, Baker, Meat Cutter, Department Head, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Store Hours: Open daily: 6:00AM-12:00AM

FoodLand stores operate in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, the home state of the company. The average store size of many locations ranges from 12,000 to 60,000 square feet, often reflective of the size of the community served and customer circulation. In an effort to reach even more customers, the supermarket chain operates several spinoff shops, such as FoodLand Express, with limited merchandise, FoodLand Fresh, which offers a larger selection of perishable foods, and FoodLand Plus, a brand of hypermarket stores.

Each location needs highly skilled, cooperative, and upstanding team members. Applicants may look for jobs in dozens of departments. Workers consistently find jobs as cashiers, stock clerks, dairy associates, produce clerks, meat cutters, bakers, or deli associates. The first step in gaining employment consideration involves completing official company applications. Employment forms ask about contact information, work history, skills and hobbies, character references, and schedule availability. As with many grocery store chains, the Foodland hiring process also requires an interview with a store manager or other hiring representative. Attend the interview on time and prepared to talk at length about previous jobs and relevant skills.

While each job may come with unique responsibilities, customer service always stands as a universal duty. Store associates must make the visit of each patron easy and enjoyable. Many FoodLand supermarket jobs carry some of the same duties as competing grocery stores. Cashiers ring up purchases and handle customer transactions. Stock clerks keep sales floors well stocked and assist customers looking for particular items. Applicants with some previous experience in the grocery store industry or retail may earn an edge over other candidates during the hiring process. However, entry-level job seekers typically need no previous experience. Career-seeking applicants may apply online for managerial jobs including department head and store management positions.

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