Grocery stores around the United States regularly hire teenagers for entry-level jobs and seasonal employment opportunities. Major supermarket employers offering teenagers jobs include Kroger, Food Lion, ALDI, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Save Mart, Piggly Wiggly, and Winn-Dixie. Job titles and specific responsibilities typically vary by location. Most supermarkets hire teens with no previous experience. In 2000, grocery stores offered more than 3.1 million employment opportunities. Over a third of grocery store employees fall between 16 and 24 years old. Apply online for more explicit hiring requirements, job descriptions, and compensation information regarding supermarket jobs available to teens.

Hiring requirements typical of entry-level grocery store jobs available to teen workers include basic minimum age requirements and evidence of customer service skills. Applicants generally sit down with at least one hiring manager during the employment process to discuss motivations, career goals, and job descriptions. Often, applicants under the age of 16 may find employment with supermarkets by obtaining a special work permit through local government offices. Once approved, applicants aged 14 and 15 may work at local grocery stores. Employers generally expect teenagers to hold no previous work experience, which makes working for a supermarket an ideal choice for young individuals seeking to join the workforce.

Teenagers working for grocery stores should expect to receive starting pay around minimum wage. Through merit and job performance, teenage supermarket associates may receive pay increases and promotions. Common grocery store jobs available to teens include cashier, stock clerk, customer service representative, bagger, and courtesy clerk positions. Many supermarket jobs overlap duties. Specific job responsibilities generally vary by grocery store. Seasonal employment opportunities may involve job duties from several different departments. Time spent with supermarket locations, gained experience, and proven job performance may lead to promotions and internal growth. Careers in management and corporate offices may serve as ideal employment paths for aspiring teen workers in search of competitive salary packages in a historically sound industry. Interested teenagers should fill out an application for large, national or small, local grocery stores to find work now.

Grocery Store Age Requirements Comparison
How old must teens be to work at major supermarket chains?

Grocery Store Minimum Age to Work
Albertsons 16
Food Lion 16
H-E-B 16
Jewel-Osco 16
Kroger 16
Piggly Wiggly 16
Publix 14
Safeway 16
Stop & Shop 16
Winn-Dixie 16

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